31 Days of Garden Delights.

In a curious act of insanity, I've committed to play along with

Nesting Place

's October challenge: write about a passion for 31 days. Obviously, my passion is growing things: gardens, locavores, kids, environmental awareness...and even trying to grow a little bit myself. Passion? Check. The ability to write something worthy of reading every day for 31 days?

Now, that's daunting.

Already, I'm a bit behind. It's 11:30 p.m. on October 1, and I've just found the time to sit at the computer.

It's raining. In fact, it has rained all day. And my plans for today were--dare I say it?--a wash. Today, I intended to plant the potager. The potager is another personal challenge--a garden space that demands attention, a space that should be pristine and balanced, where weeds should cower in fear each time I walk by.

Instead, the potager is an overgrown jungle, desperately needing to transition from summer crops to fall crops, with perky violas replacing tired marigolds in the border. The plants, waiting patiently in their trays, will be waiting a few more days, I'm afraid.

Tomorrow's forecast? Rain.

Although it's soggy, we gardeners know that storms might interfere with our schedules, but there's nothing as soothing as the sound of rain on skylights. For the first time in years, our area enjoyed a drought-free summer.

I'll never begrudge rain.

So, for the next month, I'll be sharing a daily "Garden Delight" with you. It might be an autumn container, a list of fall crops, a pretty bloom from the garden, an herb-infused recipe, a kid-friendly dirt digging project.

Today's delight? Rain.

Who knows what the next 30 days will bring?

See you tomorrow...for a Garden Delight!


XO ~


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