Blooms without Bees: a Garden Mystery.

I'm worried.

Where are the bees?

Where are the butterflies?

Where are my weirdly fascinating, alligator-like ladybug larva?

Our organic garden, while full of blooms, is empty.

Where are the pollinators?

I'm trying not to panic. Truly. But every time I've been in the garden this week, I've been looking...

...and there's nothing.

How is this possible?

I'm trying to convince myself that the butterflies are late. We actually enjoyed a spring in SC this year, rather than skipping it like usual and jumping straight into the 90 degree summer. So, perhaps the pollinators are tardy to the garden party.

But there's a nagging little voice in my brain that doesn't really buy my rationalizations.

A slightly paranoid me wonders if an anti-organic neighbor secretly sprayed our yard.

Really, though--we back up to river, and I don't think he could spray the entire forest without me noticing. After all, we live on almost an acre.

Even I don't really believe that conspiracy theory.

So, on this Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, sponsored by May Dreams Gardens, I must ask: are you seeing pollinators in your garden?

I sincerely hope so.

Please tell me that your lavender is heavy with bees...

...that the butterflies are feasting on your buddleia...

...and that the monarchs are munching on your milkweed.

Because in our gardens, the silence is startling.

Some of our butterfly magnets haven't bloomed yet, so perhaps I'll share cheerful news for July's Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day of a garden overrun with pollinators.

I hope so.

Right now, while we've had plenty of blossoms, there's not one baby tomato on any of the vines.

Please, please tell me you're seeing pollinators in your garden.