Emerging from Hibernation...with a New Baby.

Bears do it. Bees do it. Even our beloved gardens do it. So, if it seems that a certain garden writer also crawled into a den to hibernate for the winter, there's a hint of truth there.

In reality, though, I've been locked in my office, preparing to introduce you to my new baby: a brand new (and, hopefully, improved) blog!

Gone are the days of combatting Blogger's technical glitches. Gone are the funky formatting issues, disappearing posts, and garden writer angst.

Gone, too, is confusion between my business and blog names in social media outlets. Am I Growing Days? Am I Garden Delights?

Who am I?

Instead of debating great existential questions, I finally bit the proverbial bullet:

Welcome to Garden Delights!

While technically things changed, the content will remain primarily the same:

  • Growing Gardens
  • Growing Green
  • Growing Locavores
  • Growing Kids
  • Growing One Day at a Time

Lately, though, as I've sat by the fire with a pile of seed catalogs, dreaming of spring, I realized that there's more. I want to showcase the pleasure of the garden, to chat about how we can benefit from the delights our gardens provide. So, look for:

  • More delicious (I hope!) recipes, featuring ingredients from CSA baskets, farmers' markets, or your own garden.
  • Floral Fridays, where we'll bring seasonal beauty indoors, creating bouquets from the garden to enjoy or to share with a friend.
  • Nature nuts, focusing on getting kids out in the forest, splashing in rivers, playing with chickens, or digging in dirt.
  • Garden tours, where we visit gardens around the world...and never need to pull a single weed.
  • Resource reviews, including the most delightful new books and products I've read or personally tested.

We all know gardening is work--I'm not too Pollyannaish to pretend otherwise. But at the end of the day, when we're sweaty, tired, and have mulch in unmentionable places, isn't the point of it all to savor our Garden Delights?

The snow and ice disappeared from the garden, and the early spring bulbs are bursting into bloom. It seems serendipitous to launch a new gardening site as the daffodils and crocuses awaken, don't you think?

So, thank you, friends who made the journey here from Growing Days. And welcome new friends. I hope we'll all have great fun together at this little ongoing garden party!



P.S. Although I'm the least technically literate blogger I know, I'm using this cool new, just released blogging platform, Ghost, that my fabulous tech support (AKA oldest son and computer guru, Tyler) insisted is The. Best. Because it is so new, however, look for added features, like a comprehensive archive, to come soon. You'll probably notice some additions and tweaking of the site as the new version of Ghost is released. Thanks for your patience!