Eye candy.


...because I'm beyond overwhelmed with a greenhouse that doesn't want to go up...

...because there are thousands of tomato babies languishing in the basement, begging for natural light...

....because my poor girl is home, sick (and it's the kind of sick that translates to many, many loads of laundry. Sigh...)

...I'm playing along with

May Dreams Gardens

very lovely Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. If you, too, need a respite from your daily dose of stress, click on over to this site and check out the lovely virtual March blooms of gardens in different zones throughout the country.

It's such a nice escape from reality.

Yesterday, while my ickie sickie girl watched the very relaxing and probably highly-inappropriate-for-a-9-year-old

Pirates of the Caribean 3: At World's End

, I took a much needed stroll outside. It's supposed to rain today, so I cheated a bit. Here's what's blooming on March 14 in our garden and woods:

Daffodils galore.

When I was hugely pregnant with our now 5-year-old, I spent many days planting hundreds of bulbs. Mommies-to-be tend to nest, but mostly they ready the nest inside--scrubbing floors, walls, anything scrubable. I, however, moved mountains of mulch and worked in the garden every day until dark. And then, I would turn on all of the outside lights and keep working. My neighbors thought I was nuts.

They were right.

But during March, when our yard is blazing with cheerfulness, I'm glad I nested outside.


Cherry blossoms. Truly, is there anything prettier than cherry trees in bloom?

From our tiny little weeping cherry...

...to the tree we planted when our now almost 10-year-old was born. Cherry trees just make me happy. Trite, I know, but true.

Pieris Japonica. The only time of year I feel affection for this shrub...

...and bulbs. Hyacinth...

...Muscari Grape Hyacinth...

...huh. No idea what this is. I suppose I could look it up, but I'm a little time-pressed this morning. It's cute, though, don't you think?

...tulips about to pop.

Then, of course, the camellias are showing off like prom queens--perfect, blemish-free, absolutely unreal in their loveliness.

But my favorite bloom of all isn't showy, doesn't flaunt its looks, and actually is a bit shy...but it heralds spring...

Soon, soon...spring will arrive, and our winter hibernation will be just a far off memory.

Happy bloom day!

XO ~