Floral Friday: A Burst of Cheer!

Thank goodness for Floral Friday. I mean, honestly, I know we're all anxiously awaiting spring, and I shouldn't complain about the weather...it gets really tiresome. I'm turning into a grumpy old woman who can only talk about the weather. But seriously--look at it:

This is the view out my office window. Luckily, the freezing rain is behind us, but come on! It's time to move along here. Show me SPRING.

Knowing this gray nastiness awaited us today, I cheated and began our Floral Friday festivities yesterday. I only cheated a little bit. I gathered the flowers before they were turned to mush by icy rain and crammed them in a vase to keep them alive. (I'm such an elegant designer.)

I knew I needed a mood brightener, and what brightens dreariness better than a perky, cheerful daffodil?

These are 'Ice Follies,' which always bring a bit of happiness as soon as they emerge. I snipped about 30 of the daffodils.

I plant a lot of daffodils, and they'll be even more varieties next year when I get the cutting garden up and running! (It's coming...soon! Stay tuned!)

One of my other favorites right now are the forsythia. The early bushes are just beginning to put on a show. I'm sorry to say that I don't know what varieties we have. We planted several forsythia in the garden and along the back kitchen garden ages ago, back when I really didn't know or care about the varieties. Silly me.

Two weeks ago, I snipped some forsythia branches before they began to bloom outside and put them in a tall vase. Within the week, the buds opened, and the branches are now heavy with blooms. I added a few blooming branches to the arrangement to compliment the yellow corona, or trumpet, of the daffodils.

I like adding height to arrangements, but I also like adding something unusual, like a trailing vine. But you know what? The weather is so gross that I decided--I'm done! Who wants to go outside, traipsing around in the nasty cold rain to look for a vine?

Not this girl.

So here it is, my bit of cheer for Floral Friday:

[A quick note about daffodils: they secret a sticky latex serum that can contaminate the water. Sear the ends of the stem or pinch the stem when harvesting to reduce the flow of latex into the water, which helps the arrangement last longer.]

So, are you ready to play along? What will you create today from your garden to enjoy inside? (P.S. Since I cheated a bit by harvesting the flowers a day early, I think it's only fair that you can cheat, too. If your garden is still buried under three feet of snow, make something pretty for yourself from grocery store bouquets. You deserve it. We'll play by the rules when your garden thaws.)

Don't forget to come to the Floral Friday Garden Party on the Garden Delights Facebook page to post your photos! I'll figure out how to share them, I promise! I can't wait to see what bouquets of happiness you'll create. Enjoy!

Happy Friday, friends!