Floral Friday. (And fearsome findings.)

Today's Floral Friday is, admittedly, a quickly thrown together bouquet. There's a couple reasons for my speedy flower gathering:

1. I spent all morning and part of the afternoon planting tomatoes. Finally.

2. While planting, an enormous, man-eating spider scurried by my hand, causing me to shriek like a little girl. Then, I had to run inside and eat a chocolate chip cookie. It was truly that terrifying. (Honestly, we have some seriously big spiders in our forest. I've NEVER seen this tarantula-sized creature before. I tried to look up what type of spider it was, but when I started scrolling through the spider images on the website--I had problems breathing. I fear I might have nightmares tonight. Ewwww.)

2. Chicken Mama participated in "Solo and Ensemble Orchestra Festival" on the other side of town. It was a loooong wait. There were at least ten million little violinists at the event.

3. As I was contemplating which flowers to gather for the bouquet, Kristen and I watched Sammy, our big, fat, lazy, sweetheart of a cat, as he watched something under a bush. Sadly, we saw a feather and thought Sammy injured a bird. Kristen began riffling through the bushes, trying to find the bird--and instead found a very. large. SNAKE.

4. We ran away.

5. Prior to the snake encounter, I cut nameless pink peonies, tall verbena, and Provence lavender. So, that's what made it into Floral Friday's bouquet.

I'd had enough wildlife for the day.

But honestly, I think these daises Kristen and Mikey picked for me are my favorites.

Happy Floral Friday!

XO ~


P.S. Yes, I know spiders and snakes are our friends. I just don't like when they surprise me!