Floral Friday: Anemones, Hydrangeas, and a Giveaway!

What's better than a long weekend? A homegrown, freshly cut and arranged bouquet to celebrate three luxurious, work-free days!


What's even better? If you post a photo of your arrangement on the Garden Delights Facebook page to celebrate Floral Friday, you'll be entered into a chance to win a a floral care package: Debra Prinzing's book, Slow Flowers; Slow Flower note cards (kindly provided by Debra); and seeds for a cutting garden from me! (Please leave a comment on here and post your photo on the Garden Delights Facebook page by Monday, September 1 at midnight. I'll announce the winner on Tuesday.)

Hope you'll play along!


Today's Floral Friday was a challenge. I planned to use the deep red sunflowers in the cutting garden, but the bees were so happy on them--I just couldn't do it. Not many sunflowers remain in the cutting garden, so I left them for the bees and wildlife to enjoy.

Japanese anemones

It took me longer than I expected to come up with Plan B. However, the Japanese anemones are blooming like mad, with plenty more left to flower over the upcoming weeks. The bees adore anemones as well, but fortunately the entire bed lining the driveway is filled with them, so there's plenty to harvest and still keep the bees happy.

PeeGee hydrangea

Our hydrangeas suffered from our overly cold winter in SC, but the Pee Gees contributed some blooms for the bouquet.

leek bloom

I found a few surprises in the kitchen garden to add as well: leek blooms... (I planted leek seeds two years ago, and apparently they've now decided to make an appearance!)

purple shiso

...and purple shiso, which grew as a volunteer near the compost pile. I'll take it! The shiso draws out the plum accents in the anemones.

purple blooming vine

I love this vine, which produces adorable, tiny purple blooms all summer--but I have no idea what it is! I've searched my resources to no avail. Does anyone recognize it? It also grew as a volunteer or a wildflower in the forest.

Floral Friday bouquet

Floral Friday bouquet

Floral Friday bouquet

Floral Friday bouquet

I hope you'll stroll through your garden or the farmers' market this weekend to find local, lovely flowers to create your own bouquet to celebrate the weekend. (It really is such a mood boost, I promise!) If you do, don't forget to share a photo on the Garden Delights Facebook page. Please leave a comment here, too.

Happy Floral Friday!