Floral Friday: Au Revoir, Café Au Laits.

Happy Friday, friends! It's been a wet week here in South Carolina, and my feet are FREEZING after sloshing around the garden, looking for blooms. Today is gorgeous, though, thank goodness: the sun is shining, the butterflies are flitting around the garden, and it's chilly. I'm ready to be rid of the heat and humidity, finally.

butterflies love zinnias @Garden Delights

I wondered what I'd find when I headed out to the garden to make my bouquet. After the heavy rains this week, I assumed many of the more delicate flowers, like the Japanese anemones, might be done. There were a few blooms remaining, but I left them for the bees.

Café au Lait dahlia @Garden Delights

The Café au Lait dahlias, however, still had two gorgeous blooms. I'm going to miss these beauties, because I think their end is near.

zinnias @Garden Delights

zinnias @Garden Delights

The zinnias, however, are still a blaze of color. I tried not to disturb the pollinators who were feasting on them, and I only harvested a few blooms. Still, they're so vibrant that a handful of zinnias makes a great impact in a bouquet.

cosmos @Garden Delights

The cosmos in the cutting garden also continue to produce delicate, bright blooms. While not as prolific as the zinnias, I love their droopy, wispy look.

Oreo and I took a stroll along the river to see what wildflowers might still be in bloom. Most of the goldenrods on the edge of our forest are faded, although I see gorgeous goldenrod blooms along the roads and in fields near the kids' schools. Perhaps those plants are different varieties than what grows on our property.

calico aster @Garden Delights

However, I did find calico aster (Symphyotrichum lateriflorum.) Thank goodness for smart garden friends. I found this bloom a few weeks ago, searched through my native plants books, as well as online. When I came up without results, I posted a photo in a plant identification Facebook group--and my sweet friend, Gail Eichelberger, replied within minutes. (She authors a lovely blog: Clay and Limestone.)

I snipped a few branches and left the rest in hopes that it will reseed--and I'll find lots more next fall!

lemongrass @Garden Delights

The lemongrass in the herb beds is just beginning to put on its fall show. What a great multi-purpose plant! Not only is it delicious in recipes, the foliage turns a fabulous burgundy as the temperatures drop. I snipped a few leaves that had a bit of burgundy to add some height to the bouquet.

Floral Friday ingredients @Garden Delights

Floral Friday bouquet 1

Floral Friday bouquet 2

Floral Friday bouquet 2

Floral Friday bouquet 3

Floral Friday bouquet 4

Floral Friday bouquet

The vine surrounding the Ball Canning jar? I've no idea what it is. I snipped it in the forest, thinking to add it to the arrangement, but it seemed a little too busy. Still, I love the berries and will let you know its name after I chat with Gail. Thank goodness for friends who are smarter than I am about wildflowers and native plants!

Did you create a bouquet from your garden for Floral Friday? If you did, please share a photo of it on the Garden Delights Facebook page for everyone to enjoy!

Here's hoping the frost holds off a bit longer so we'll have a few more weeks of beautiful blooms.

Happy weekend!