Fragrant Floral Friday.

It's summer vacation, the time of lazy days by the pool, sleeping until noon, late night movie-a-thons.

Why didn't anyone tell my family that's what is supposed to happen during summer vacation?

Instead, we've been playing catch up on projects, nursing Peter's broken ribs (yep, that happened), and racing to the stables 45-minutes away for the girl to ride five days a week.

This is why I found myself finally creating my backyard bouquet at 9 p.m. tonight.

I'm glad I did. Sorting the flowers for today's bouquet provided an amazing dose of aromatherapy, helping me unwind and relax after a less-than-relaxing day.

The sweet peas I've nurtured since late winter/early spring are finally, finally beginning to bloom, just a few at a time. After last week's few initial blossoms for Floral Friday, I'd hoped I'd fill a vase with nothing but sweet peas today.

No luck.

Instead, the deliciously fragrant sweet peas provided a splash of color among the wildflowers, which include fleabane and achillea millefolium, or yarrow... well as the carefully cultivated 'Provence' lavender, my favorite summer scent...

...while hosta, edged with a touch of white variegation, provided a good base for the delicate blooms.

Variegated Confederate jasmine, used as a trailing element in the bouquet, added its own, sweet fragrance to the arrangement. I was afraid we'd lost one of the vines during our harsh winter, but after a brutal pruning, I found new growth. Hooray!

Fortunately, while many of the flowers I selected today sported fragrance, they blended nicely, rather than smelling like a 6-year-old running free in the perfume department of Macy's.

You have to drive home with the car windows down when that happens. Not that I would know, of course.

What did you find blooming in your garden today? Did you create a bouquet to enjoy? If you did, please share a photo on the Garden Delights Facebook page so we can all enjoy your blooms.

Happy Floral Friday to you!