It's Floral Friday!

Happy Floral Friday, flower fans and fanatics! Not only is today a celebration of all things blooming (and I hope you have some things finally blooming in your gardens), it's also Good Friday, a perfect reason to create something beautiful from your garden for the holiday weekend. Funny story: since I have known him, Peter calls Good Friday "God Friday." I've never corrected him, since I just thought it was the term used in Switzerland. Today, after almost 15 years of marriage, I finally told him. It just kind of slipped out when he said it. He had no idea that it's not called "God Friday" here.

Well, it does make sense, right? I mean, really--what happened on this day wasn't exactly good or pleasant or joyful. That's what Easter is about.

But I digress.

Not only is today Floral Friday and Good/God Friday, it's also Michael's 9th birthday! Celebrations abound this weekend! What happened to our itty bitty baby boy? He's a DUDE now.

Anyway, today's Floral Friday bouquet intended to feature my favorite of favorite flowers, tulips. Earlier this week, they were just spectacular. I snipped a few and brought them inside, but then we experienced a pounding rain followed by two days of frost. Frost! In April! (This is why I warn all of my gardening friends to never, ever, plant their summer veggies and tender annuals until the end of April here. It's too disheartening.) The poor tulips took a beating, the few inside are past their prime, so I punted and went on a hunt around the garden this morning.

Here's what I found:

Chinese snowball viburnum. The two bushes in the back garden are ridiculously heavy with blooms.

American wisteria about to bloom. (The non-invasive species.)

A few pastel tulips. I believe this is "Blushing Beauty," but the label disappeared.

It's important to note that as the weather warms, you might find more creatures among your blooms. I spied seven inchworms and one tiny spider. A good rinse in the sink or a bit of fearless hand picking will ensure that you don't accidentally serve added protein in your Easter meal. (No one wants to find an inchworm among the ham, trust me.)

I filled the tall conical vase with the viburnum blooms first...

then added in the corkscrew and whimsical wisteria vines...

...finally topping off the bouquet with the hint of color from the tulips.

It's turned out to be a subtle, lush arrangement perfect for Easter.

Once again, I still haven't solved my photography lighting issues, as you can see. Plus, today's bouquet turned into a bit of a rush instead of a Zen-like garden experience, as I had birthday festivities to attend at Mikey's school.

Still, I do love that Floral Friday forces me to enjoy the garden and create bouquets, no matter how busy life is.

Now, it's your turn! I hope you have some blooms in your garden. I know many of my northern friends experienced more snow this week.

I'm so sorry. Go buy yourself some flowers. Right now. You deserve them.

Please share what you create from your garden on the Garden Delights Facebook page! It's so much fun to see everyone's bouquets and projects--please join in the fun!

Wishing you a lovely weekend filled with Cadbury Creme Eggs!