It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

Fall not only ushers in cooler weather, it's also a time for fall plant sales—also known as "Christmas in October" for gardeners.

Honestly, I hate shopping...unless I'm shopping for plants. There's something about the promise of a new plant: the excitement of selecting a rare cultivar, designing a new bed, or introducing an unique variety into the garden. A plant holds so much potential...and plant sales provide a boost of adrenaline after a dreary winter or, in my case, a sweltering, plant-scorching summer.

Besides the bliss of browsing beautiful plants, I always find the nicest fellow gardeners to chat with at plant sales. Whether they are volunteers offering to deliver plants that I can't fit in my Prius or fellow shoppers comparing experiences with various flowers and shrubs, a visit to a plant sale is always a social pleasure.

Plus, how can I not support one of my favorite gardens?

The purchases all fit perfectly into the Prius, with room to spare.

Oreo guards them until I can relocate them into their new homes.

I think I have some holes to dig...

Have you visited any plant sales this fall? And if you have, what is your favorite purchase?

Happy shopping...and planting!

XO ~