Moss Mountain, Marriage, and More, Oh My!

You might notice it's been quiet here recently. I'm sorry. I promise, though, I have so many stories for you! So many photos! So many incredible ideas to share!

Truly, in the past two weeks, I've been bursting to tell you about all of the incredible happenings--but I'm still processing and reliving the experiences that I'm not quite sure where to start.

So, as I sort my brain, try to prioritize where to begin, and finish editing hundreds of photos, I thought I'd give you a quick synopsis, with full posts to come:

This is Moss Mountain.

This is my incredibly gracious host, P. Allen Smith, who invited me, along with 23 other garden writers, to join him at his beautiful farm home, Moss Mountain, for his annual event, Garden2Blog.

(I believe I actually screamed a little when I received my invitation, but let's not tell, OK?)

Oh, my friends, the things I will be sharing with you...I've never been so inspired! So much beauty, so many gorgeous details, and so many fabulous projects are coming your way...

Garden2Blog lasted two days, then I rushed home. You see, I needed to get home to a little thing known as the wedding of our oldest son.


How is that possible?

It IS possible, especially when he found his soul mate.

So, after arriving home Thursday afternoon, I headed to my friend Ed's flower farm on Friday morning:

You see, I'm an advocate for Slow Flowers, and my only wedding request was that I could arrange for local, organic flowers for both the rehearsal dinner and wedding. Friday afternoon included floral fun as I made arrangements for the rehearsal dinner--but I left the wedding flowers to a pro. (Look for a post about Slow Flowers and how we used them in the rehearsal dinner and wedding...coming soon!)

And then...

A perfect day for a wedding at a vineyard in the mountains!

See? I haven't just been sitting around eating bon bons and napping--it's been a bit busy here! I can't wait to share all of the fun with you. So, while I finish sorting images and collecting my thoughts, I thought you might enjoy this:

It sums up the past happy two weeks so beautifully.

Stay tuned, friends: from the beautiful Garden Home to the Clinton Presidential Library's rooftop gardens to DIY projects and heritage poultry breeding programs, there's so much coming your way!

I'm a very lucky, happy girl.