Rainy Day Reading Spring Giveaway Winner (and Wildflower Wednesday.)

Oh my goodness, what a crazy week, and it's only Wednesday! I thoroughly planned to post the winner of the Spring Giveaway early this morning, but it's been a week filled with sick kiddos and silly things, like this:

So, you have a sense of how this week is going.


The winner of the Rainy Day Reading Spring Giveaway is...

Jennie Brooks!!!

Jennie will receive a copy of The 20-30 Something Garden Guide, a $25 gift certificate to Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, and a three-pack of Authentic Haven Brand MooPooTea! Congratulations, Jennie! (Please e-mail your address to me at julie@gardendelights-sc.com)

Stay tuned, friends. I have a pile of gardening books on my desk, and I plan to review them on future rainy days. (I just checked the forecast, and we have a lot of rain heading our way.) There are more giveaways to come!

After feeding the chickens this morning and checking on the greenhouse babies, I took a walk through the woods to check on the wildflower progress. My friend Gail, author of the blog Clay and Limestone, hosts Wildflower Wednesdays, and I've always wanted to play along...but haven't. I love wildflowers, though, and this year I want to make time to really look for them, and maybe even try to learn more about wildflowers. They're such an important part of our ecosystem. Plus, they're just adorable!

Today, though, our garden and forest is cold. Seriously, it was 26 degrees. In South Carolina! In March! This is an outrage! OK, I'm done ranting, because I know you northern friends are really the ones who deserve to complain.

I didn't find my trillium yet or much that is blooming, except for this:

The first violets announce spring in the forest. They're one of my favorites, because they're just adorable.

Already, they're beginning to spread throughout the forest, and soon we'll have our annual carpet of tiny, purple blooms along the woodland paths.

While not an actual flower, I do adore our native ferns.

The adorable fiddleheads unfurling is always such a happy sign of spring. While many culinary dishes feature fiddleheads, please use caution when harvesting. Some varieties of fiddleheads are carcinogenic. Stick with varieties you know are safe, such as ostrich, cinnamon, western sword fern, and lady fern.

(I just can't bring myself to harvest them. They're too cute.)

Hopefully, we'll spy more wildflowers soon. I'm hoping our trillium spreads this spring. It's one of my favorites.

Happy Wildflower Wednesday to you all, friends, and congratulations to Jennie Brooks!