The Growing Days Nature Camp.

My friend sent me a Facebook message. She said she had the strangest dream.

She dreamt that I opened a nature camp.

Honestly, I don't know why she would dream such a thing.

We've enjoyed our normal, lazy summer.

A little sailing, a little exploring...

The kids made some new friends.


We shared some first time adventures, too.

A wild boar sauntered across our path. (He turned into that tiny speck on the left by the time I fumbled my phone out for the photo--but trust me. He was gigantic.)

Peter captained our thrill-seeking adventure, which I fondly refer to as "the boat ride of terror." It began peacefully enough. A little cruising, a little snorkeling...and then a shark sighting where we planned to drop anchor for more snorkeling.

(By the way, sharks don't really announce themselves with a "fin-up" warning, like in Jaws. This bad boy swam along the ocean floor--in about four feet of water. We just happened to spot him as I started to drop anchor.) thank you.

Then, two storm cells formed, with lightning in the distance and choppy waves, chasing us across the bay...and I was a very unhappy boat baby. (The kids and Peter didn't seem bothered by the waves and slamming of the boat--but that's because they're brave. I'm a wuss.)

We lived.

We played with bioluminescent plankton.  We laid on the beach and watched the Perseid meteor shower. We counted 29 meteors.

We stalked turtle nests, trying to gauge hatch dates.

And we missed the hatch! I knew I should have slept in a beach chair by the nest. So disappointing.

When I grow up, I'm going to be a turtle lady and live on the beach.

Deer spotting. Completely blasé about the tourist paparazzi.

The kids met many new friends, some a bit deadly.

Pufferfish might be considered a delicacy in Japan, but they also contain enough poison to kill 30 adults. No matter how expertly trained the chef may be, I don't think it's worth potential death. Just my opinion.

Some of the new friends were a bit crabby.

A few new friends looked a bit tattered and tired.

But our summer bliss is over. We're back to reality. School's begun, the gardens are begging for attention, and it's time to start planning the fall garden.

Still, a summer nature camp...hmmm...

Maybe my friend is onto something. It sounds like a perfect career move.

If only we lived at the beach.

What did you do on your summer vacation?