The Happiest Day of the Week: Floral Friday!

Happy Friday, garden friends!

Now that May is upon us, our garden is a riot of colors and blooms. A few weeks ago, I would have felt guilty bragging about our blossoms, but now that my northern friends, like Kylee of Our Little Acre and Amy of Get Busy Gardening, are beginning to thaw and see some promise of spring in their gardens, I can put up the Maypole and dance around the garden!

That would be a sight to horrify our 13-year-old. Hmmm...I just might need to investigate installing a Maypole...

Anyway, as the blooms become more prolific, my choices for Floral Friday are overwhelming. Dutch iris, bearded iris, clematis, viburnum, many flowers are blooming now that I started snipping away before I really wrapped my head around what I wanted.

I knew Dutch iris would make the cut--they're one of my favorite blooms, and their time in the garden is fleeting. I love the deep purple and yellow, but the softness of the white and yellow rivals them in loveliness.

While bearded iris aren't my favorite, they're working hard to make a nice show in the front bed. I thought they deserved a spotlight in the arrangement.

The viburnum is still blooming like mad in the back garden. I snipped a few oversized flowers, but when I put them together with the irises--it just didn't feel right.

However, I was determined to incorporate the just-blooming wisteria into the bouquet...somehow.

Even the container I originally planned to use wasn't right this time. Maybe I was trying to rush instead of just savoring the process of creating the bouquet, or maybe the stuffy head I've been contending with this week muddled my creativity, but I reverted to a simple, tall cylindrical vase instead of the short glass ice bucket.

The elegant irises and baptisa lend themselves to a simple vase. They don't need much adornment.

I tried adding deep purple salvia blooms, but yikes--somehow, I never noticed how much their fragrance mimics cat pee. No thank you.

Truthfully, I think I wanted to incorporate everything blooming in the garden. Instead, once I began editing and removing blossoms, I liked the bouquet better.

I keep trying to loosen up my bouquets, to make them more free flowing like those of Erin at Floret Flowers or the stunning designs at Saipua, but I'm not there yet. I still think too symmetrically.

But that's OK. I'm enjoying the process, which is the entire point of Floral Friday. I love selecting the flowers, playing with them, deciding what to use, making lists of what to plant to expand the bloom base for future bouquets.

But ultimately--I just love bringing in fresh flowers from the garden to celebrate the weekend. It's a joy, which is why we need to celebrate our gardens.

Are you ready to play along? What will you create for Floral Friday? Please remember to come join the garden party on the Garden Delights Facebook page to share a photo of your creation, or post your photo on Instagram or Twitter, using hashtag #FloralFriday. Can't wait to see your bouquets!

Happy Floral Friday, friends!